From Bali to the World


Partnership, Interoperability, Sharing of Knowledge and Sciences of Military Medicine.

A report from the 41st ICMM WORLD CONGRESS ON MILITARY MEDICINE, BALI, May 17-22, 2015

The General Assembly of the International Committee of Military Medicine at the 40th (ICMM) World Congress on Military Medicine in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, December   7-12, 2013, has chosen Indonesia as host of the 41st ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine which will be held on May 17-22, 2015 in Bali. This decision was followed by an official letter from ICMM Secretary General MG (ret) Roger Van Hoof, MD, on December 19, 2013 to the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Indonesia delegation at 40th ICMM World Congress in Jeddah, 2013

The Indonesian government through its Ministry of Defence formed the Steering Committee (SC) and Organizing Committee (OC) of the 41st ICMM World Congress 2015. The President of the Republic of Indonesia also published the Presidency Decree of   Indonesia joining the ICMM. This decree became a legal foundation to implement all the activities of the Indonesian ICMM and also to fund the Indonesian membership as a member state in ICMM.

The main goals of this congress are Partnership, Interoperability, Sharing of Knowledge and Sciences of Military Medicine. This quote is easy to say but not so easy to be implemented. However, through the total of all activities during the congress; the scientific session, bilateral meeting and general assembly, we believe that this goal can be achieved and will be the gift from Bali to the world, not only in military medicine perspective but also in humanity and peace among the nations.

The First Preparatory Meeting

At the meeting between Indonesian delegates with ICMM Secretary General in Jeddah on December 10, 2013, it was agreed to hold three   preparatory meetings to be held in Brussels March 2014, Jakarta June or July 2014 and in Bali January or February 2015. The secretary general has send the letter to the Indonesian Defence Force’s (TNI) Surgeon General, MG Daniel Tjen, MD, Neurologist, also in his capacity as Chief of the Indonesia ICMM to attend the first preparatory meeting in Brussels on March 6-7, 2014. For this meeting, the SG appointed BG Terawan Agus Putranto, MD, Radiologist to attend the meeting together with his medical officers from the Army, Navy and Air Force as an Organizing Committee of the congress . The meeting arranged the agenda for the scientific sessions, the general assembly and the venue and tour program…these being the most attractive issues as Bali is well-known in the world as a paradise island.

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Secretary General MG (ret) Roger Van Hoof, MD and his staff with Indonesia delegation

Besides the ICMM meeting, the delegation also met with the Belgian ICMM Medical Component Commander, MG Geert Laire, MD ND and visited Queen Astrid Hospital. The Indonesian delegation was very interested in the burn centre unit of the hospital and expressed its interest in a mutual cooperation in the future. The Belgian delegation offered to take part in a NATO exercise. We also visited the new hypobaric chamber which we have not installed in our hospital but in the Institute of Aerospace Medicine. However, we do have a hyperbaric chamber   in the Navy Hospitals. The human tissue bank also is an interesting facility that we do not have yet. We also visited the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerpen and received a warm welcome from Prof. Dr. Marleen Boelaert, Head of the Department of Public Health. Some presentations from ITM were also delivered in tropical diseases, rabies, and cooperation between ITM and another institutions. The delegation also had a chance to look at the ITM facilities.

The 3rd Pan European Congress on Military Medicine of the ICMM

Indonesia also attended the 3rd Pan European Congress on Military Medicine of the ICMM in Belgrade, which was held on June 2-6, 2014. Indonesian delegates honoured as an observer in their regional assembly and invited all delegations to come to Bali for the next world congress.


OC team courtesy call to the Ambassador of Indonesia to Serbia in Belgrade

The Ambassador of Indonesia to Serbia also joined the plenary session and gave a speech and extended an invitation to the Pan European delegation. Most delegates were very excited to hear that Bali would be their next destination, some said that their boss would not believe that they would go to Bali for the congress.

The Second and Third Preparatory Meeting in Bali and Jakarta

To save time and budget, the second and third preparatory meetings were combined in one agenda in November 24-27, 2014 in Bali and then Jakarta. In Bali, the Secretary General and his team visited the venue, the administration and logistic preparation and tour area, they also received a progress report presentation regarding the scientific sessions.


With Governor of Bali MG (ret) I Made Mangku Pastika

They also made a courtesy call to the Governor of Bali, Military Area Commander of Udayana and Police Chief of the Bali Area. The Governor was very happy and welcoming to the World Congress, he and very supportive towards the needs of the committee.


Serenity Hall, Indonesia Defence Force HQ Jakarta


Meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs Retno Marsudi, Jakarta


Meeting with Minister of Defence, Gen (ret), Ryamizard Ryacudu, Jakarta

In Jakarta, the ICMM delegates made a courtesy call to the Minister of Defence, Gen (ret) Ryamizard Ryacudu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi and the TNI Commander, Gen Moeldoko, PhD. The ministers and the TNI Commander also support the congress and will do anything to assist the incoming delegates.

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SC and OC at National TV programs broadcasting the ICMM World Congress and Press Release

The 41st ICMM World Congress On Military Medicine

The first step was to publish the Minister of Defence’s decree for the SC and OC. Their work was under supervision of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense and the TNI Surgeon General Office. All the funding came from state through the Ministry of Finance under the umbrella of Presidency Decree on Indonesia’s role as a member state of ICMM. The Minister of Defence appointed MG Daniel Tjen , MD, Neurologist, Surgeon General of TNI as SC and BG Terawan Agus Putranto, MD, Radiologist, Chief of the Medical Committee of Gatot Soebroto Army Central Hospital as head of OC.

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MG Daniel Tjen, MD,       BG Terawan Agus Putranto,
Neurologist                          MD, Radiologist,

Daily activities of the OC are run by Secretary General, Col Ben Yura Rimba, MD, MHA while the Scientific Coordinator is Col Alexander K. Gintings, MD, Pulmonologist. Administration and Logistic Coordinator is Col Nurdjamil Sayuti, MHA, dentist, and Exhibition Coordinator is Col Abraham Arimuko, MD, Dderm, FINSDV, FAADV.

The world congress venue was held in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC), a large convention area usually used for huge meetings. The room set up was determined for the opening and closing ceremonies, the gala dinner, plenary and satellite symposia, workshops, round table discussions, bilateral meetings, for the ICMM Chairman and the Secretary, for the press, the poster session and the medical exhibition, and also a clinic and mini ICU in case of emergency.

To inform and register the delegates and receive the abstracts, an official website was launched in three languages: English, French and Indonesian. All necessary information can found at the website and be used for the committee to arrange the congress. The website address is; it is still open if you want to see the activities of the congress. You can also download the abstracts, daily news and photos from this web.

image020The World Congress was officially opened by His Excellency Vice President of Indonesia Mr H Jusuf Kalla on May 17, 2015 at 10.00 a.m. The 80 delegations came from 114 member states of ICMM with 748 delegates. Prior to the opening, the signature of the official document for transfer of power of the ICMM chair from MG Ghaleb Huraib, MD of Saudi Arabia to the Surgeon General of Indonesia Defence Force, MG Daniel Tjen, MD took place. In the afternoon, the Minister of Defence delivered his Keynote Lecture on “Improving Military Medicine’s Knowledge, Skills and Competencies to Increase the Defensive Ability of the Country”, followed by a plenary session on “Ebola Haemorrhagic Diseases as a Novel Virus Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Disease”.

The main agenda of the congress included:

  1. May 17, 2015 : registration and ice breaking reception
  2. May 18-19, 2015 : opening ceremony, keynote speaker, symposium, workshop, round table discussion
  3. May 20 , 2015 : whole day social event tour
  4. May 21-22 ,2015 : symposium, workshop, roundtable
  5. May 22 , 2015: last plenary and closing ceremony

The four main themes of the scientific session were :

  1. Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operation
  2. Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear
  3. Malaria Updates Management in Military Specific Population
  4. New Emerging Disease and Infectious Disease among Military and Community.

During the congress other topics were discussed like: Health Care in Danger, Global Health Security Agenda issues and Infectious Diseases.

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The handover of the Chairmanship of the ICMM

During the five days of the Congress, the scientific sessions covered:

  1. Keynote Lecture by the Minister of Defence of Indonesia: 1 session
  2. Plenary: 4 sessions
  3. Satellite Symposia: 24 sessions
  4. Workshop: 8 sessions
  5. Round the Table Discussion: 5 sessions
  6. Meet the Experts: 7 sessions
  7. Free Paper 16 sessions
  8. Poster Presentation: 15 categories

The scientific sessions were delivered by 148 speakers from 30 ICMM member states presenting various interesting and valuable topics in the field of military medicine; there were 199 presenters of Free Papers and Poster Presentations. In total, there were 440 presentations delivered during the congress.

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The Plenary Session

105 posters in 15 categories were displayed during the Congress, from Infectious Diseases, Military Medicine to Combat Casualties Care and War Surgery, and Peace Keeping Forces.

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image031 image032 image033

Meeting, Briefing, Escorting

The evaluation of the scientific sessions held during the Congress showed positive and enriching debates on various critical issues, and the participants were able to share a number of other important scientific issues in relations to military medicine.

The 41st ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine is accredited by the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), the Indonesian Dentist Association (PDGI), the Indonesian National Nurse Association (PPNI), the Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI). The European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) grants 20 European CME credits (ECMEC).


Col Alexander K Gintings as a Scientific Coordinator giving a report


2015 Jules Voncken Prize

The Organizing Committee had selected granted the Best 3 Poster Awards for ICMM member states and 3 Poster Awards for Indonesia.

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The Vice President (wearing green Batik) and Minister of Defence (wearing dark brown Batik) officially opened and visited exhibition booth

During the exhibition, 68 exhibitors from 11 countries showed their military industrial products, medical care, hospitals and also local products such as souvenir and home or industrial products.

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General Assembly

During the General Assembly as the most prominent forum of the ICMM, India has been chosen as the next host of the 42nd ICMM World Congress in 2017 and Switzerland of the 43rd ICMM World Congress in 2019

During the congress, the Chairman of the ICMM held bilateral meetings with 16 countries as well as with WHO and ICRC. Some agreements are going to be followed up on government level to be implemented. The Minister of Defence also made an intense discussion with Ebola experts.


Minister of Defence with Ebola Experts

The OC published the “Daily News” as a media to inform the delegates on the agenda of the previous as well as the actual day. These news can now be accessed on the website.

A gala dinner was held at BNDCC ballroom with many attractions of Indonesian culture and heritage. The officers in their elegant dress uniforms enjoyed a spectacular performance of dancing, music, singing, theatrical celebration –and, of course, a delicious dinner. The whole performance was orchestrated by First Admiral Nalendra, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Mrs Nora Ryamizard Ryacudu, Dentist, with the Music Corps from Udayana Area Command and hundreds of dancers.

Visiting Bali is not complete unless you see the landscape, enjoy the dances and experience the culinary. The delegates also enjoyed immensely whole day tour visiting several tourist objects ­– and shopping……

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Gala Dinner

The congress was officially closed by Minister of Defense, Gen Ryacudu. In his closing remarks Gen Ryacudu said that this event provided a valuable contribution to the development of medical knowledge and sciences as well as the provision of capacities for medical solutions.


Closing remarks by Minister of Defense Gen (ret) Ryamizard Ryacudu

Bali Messages

From this congress, Indonesia learned a lot how to manage meetings on an international scale and should be ready as chairing ICMM for the next two year. Besides the congress, the delegates also had a chance to enjoy the beauty of Bali, the landscape, the hospitality of the people, the food etc. Many subjects have been addressed during official bilateral meetings which opened opportunities for bilateral or multilateral cooperation in education and training and sharing knowledge following the main goal of this congress: Partnership, Interoperability, Sharing of Knowledge and Sciences of Military Medicine. So this is Bali’s messages to a better world; and we hope to see you again in New Delhi in 2017. Terima kasih….sampai jumpa (thank you….see you again).