About MCI-Forum


In our current world situation, military medicine is faced with a diversity of tasks. No longer are we simply responsible for treating wounded soldiers and ensuring their survival – often using very crude techniques.

Modern military medicine now incorporates nearly all the fields of a civilian health care system – from routine treatments provided at the unit and barracks level through to highly specialised medical teams and military hospitals that can represent the cutting edge in terms of experience and techniques in their own countries.

It is frequently not just servicemen and servicewomen who receive treatment at these facilities, but also their relatives and other civilians.

There are many top politicians who prefer to undergo treatment in military hospitals, proof of just how highly qualified and skilled these institutions have become.

Military medical corps are the first to go in when problems arise with whichcivilian authorities are unable to cope – after catastrophes, terrorist attacks and in pandemics. But the remit of military medicine extends even further than this.

The responsibilities of military medical corps personnel during combat and peace-keeping missions are not merely limited to warfare medicine: in fact, this currently constitutes only a small proportion of their actual duties.
Our field hospitals and mobile medical units, provided with the very latest in equipment and highly qualified personnel, now provide care and treatment for civilians as well as soldiers with all conceivable health problems.


has as its aim the promotion of communication between military medical professionals.

Military medicine has ceased to be a subject of national concern only and medical personnel from different countries now collaborate closely in many fields. However, they need to be appropriately prepared for their deployments and require information on techniques and support in the form of the experience that their colleagues can share with them. But even routine medical care can benefit if communication is extended and facilitated.
This is the assignment of MCI-Forum. It has created the necessary forum and provides a platform for this essential communication.

In its mission, MCI-Forum is now represented in 200 countries – an independent source of information for military medical professionals. Our influence reaches as far as the very highest ranking officers in the military medical corps on all world continents. MCI-Forum is supported by its Advisory Group and correspondents.

MCI-Forum also has access to the latest important information from the medical industry and military medical corps around the world.