2013 Ambroise Paré Award Ceremony at the Trauma Innovation Conference in London

Biannually, the MCIF Award committee – consisting of the chairman of the advisory board, the editor in chief, the managing editor and the publisher – selects up to three article submissions to be considered for a prise in memory and honour of Ambroise Paré, an outstanding French barber surgeon of the Renaissance (1510 – 1590).

The competition calls for the submission of articles on all fields of military medicine and military pharmacy including related areas.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Brigadier MCM Bricknell from the United Kingdom as the 2013Ambroise Paré Award winner.

His series of articles on “Managing Medical Support to Military Operations”, written with a number of competent co-authors,was first published in the JRAMC (Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps) and, with kind permission of the editor of JRAMC, was (and is being) reprinted in MCIF.

All articles are of remarkable quality and represent an important asset to the management of international peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. At international medical conferences all over the world the readers of MCIF have responded to these articles with approval and highest praise.

The Editorial Staff of MCIF is proud and grateful to be able to distribute the ideas and suggestions of BG Bricknell to readers worldwide. We consider his articles as an extremely valuable contribution to international medical planning, decision making by military and civilian medical leaders as well as executing military and civilian medical operations.

On occasion of the 2014 Trauma Innovation Conference, held at the Royal College of Surgeons in London on 14th/15th January this year, the Editor in Chief MCIF, Rear Admiral uh (ret) Dr. Christoph Buettner, presented the 2013 Ambroise Paré Award to Brigadier Bricknell during a festive ceremony in front of the grand auditorium of the Royal College.

Admiral Buettner thanked Brigadier Bricknell for his outstanding contribution and congratulated him for this well-deserved award.

Ambroise Paré Award

The awards ceremony of the Ambroise Paré Prize 2011 took place at the Combat Trauma Innovation Conference in London on 18 January 2012 attended by more than 400 participants and numerous medical industry representatives.

The prize – consisting of a medal, a personal diploma and a cash award – was donated by the Medical Corps International Forum (MCI-Forum) and handed over by Rear Admiral uh MC (ret.) Dr. Christoph Büttner, Editor-in-Chief of the MCI-Forum, Helmar Winkel, Managing Director of Beta Publishing, and Vice Admiral Philip I. Raffaelli, Surgeon General of the British Armed Forces.

Since MCI-Forum has received many outstanding abstracts, it was difficult to decide on a winner. Therefore the Journal has decided – on an exceptional basis – to split the prize among three winners. The first prize was awarded to Ltc. Dr. Nnaemeka C. E. Okpala, United Kingdom, for his article on “Management of Blast Injuries in Mass Casualties”. The second prize went to Brig. Harjinder S. Bhatoe VSM from India, for his work on “Controversies in Operative Management in Case of Craniocerebral Missile Injuries”. Col. Anjum Anwar Qadri from Pakistan was awarded the third prize for his article describing the profile of injuries arising from the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. Unfortunately Brig. Bhatoe and Col. Qadri could not attend the ceremony. However, it was a great honour to welcome both Brig. Sandeepan Handa, the Military Advisor of the High Commission of India in London and Col. Omer Ahmed Bokhari, Army & Air Advisor of the High Commission of Pakistan in London who took the awards in their places. We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the winners and at the same time, use this opportunity to call upon you to submit your abstracts for the Ambroise Paré Award 2013.

The Ambroise Paré Award was first presented by our periodical in 1986 and is given every two years. Ambroise Paré (1510-1590, France) was a broadly educated and highly experienced medical practitioner and military surgeon who, besides exploring boundary-breaking new regimes in treatment of war inflicted wounds, practiced revolutionary methods in battlefield health care, invented new instruments for war surgery and led an engaged battle against wound infections and the containment of other infectious diseases, such as plague and smallpox. That is why MCI-Forum decided almost 26 years ago to honor Ambroise Paré as one of the first military doctors and to dedicate this prize to him.
Heinz-Jürgen Witzke, founder of the MCI-Forum, in announcing the award some years ago, said: “The Ambroise Paré Prize is intended, in the spirit of the medical pioneer for whom it is named, to stimulate scientific thinking and action in the sphere of medicine”.

The next Ambroise Paré Award will be presented at the ICMM World Congress in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in December 2013.

We would like to thank one more time all the participants who attended the ceremony and congratulate again all the winners. We are looking forward to see you in 2013!