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MCIF in Brief: At a time when the importance of the medical services in armed forces throughout the world is increasing with a view to resolving global crises and to providing professional assistance in natural or man-made disasters, the magazine MEDICAL CORPS INTERNATIONAL FORUM (MCIF) makes an important contribution to global understanding.

MCIF tackles a wide range of relevant topics from military medicine and emergency/ disaster medicine. The magazine provides a topical and highly relevant platform for the crossborder dialogue between international medical services of the armed forces, cooperating institutions and aid organisations.

MCIF therefore provides professionals from all over the world with a unique forum for an exchange of views and opinions about this specific range of subjects.

MCIF offers you the outstanding opportunity of adequately approaching professionals in decision-making positions and of acquainting them with your company and its range of high-quality products and services.

Readership: Emergency relief operations, armed conflicts, natural catastrophes – every day, we hear about missions performed by the armed forces medical corps and healthcare professionals from the emergency medicine services.

But the news reports in the media only reflect the tip of the iceberg, a tiny fraction of the permanently increasing workload of these organisations. Correspondingly, their need for top-quality equipment is increasing at an equally rapid rate. In its capacity as the leading independent forum for international professionals in military and emergency medicine, the MCIF provides the leadership of these organisations with the opportunity of exchanging views and opinions.

Contributions from many different countries are complemented by articles from the MCIF’s editorial staff. Readers from more than 200 countries all over the world are using the MCIF to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in international military and emergency medicine. We can help you if you want to participate in this exchange of information.









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