CBRNe Security Systems & Technologies
Oberschefflenzer Str. 9
74834 Elztal-Rittersbach │ Germany
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Since more than 50 years OWR is an international specialist for CBRN-protection and a leading company in development and production of units for military and civil application. From small portable equipment to turn-key system integration for complex missions OWR covers the full range of decontamination, protection, medical CBRN-protection, water treatment, mobile shelter and containerized solutions. OWR has focussed on humans: casualty decontamination, treatment and transport / skin decontamination / highly mobile medical infrastructure / disinfection in hospitals and vehicles / protection of operators in infectious environment / and more.

OWR has recently supplied the Casualty Decon System, the Light Air-Mobile Medical Unit and the Rapid Response Bio-Diagnostic Laboratory of the German Armed Forces.