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Your trusted companions for mobile and stationary military operations

The X-ray systems Leonardo DR mini and Leonardo DR nano are ideally suited for outdoor and indoor use under difficult conditions. The Leonardo DR series is perfect for emergency medicine during land, air and sea operations, and for field hospitals.

The Leonardo DR mini (only 9,5 kg) fits perfectly into its custom-made suitcase. The practical and sturdy suitcase has an abrasion and stain resistant silicone coating, and can be carried with a shoulder strap. A built in laptop with high resolution monitor guarantees excellent images.

The straightforward user interface combined with OR’s integrated acquisition and diagnosis software makes it easy for staff to generate excellent X-ray images.

The Leonardo DR nano (only 8 kg) was designed for disaster control, emergency medicine in field environments, as well as military use in mind.

The (backpack) system consists of only a wireless X-ray detector and a tablet PC. It is highly portable and ideal for use in inaccessible terrain. High quality X-ray images can be generated quickly at remote locations for immediate diagnosis or for consultation with specialists via e-mail or cloud services. The laptop (optionally tablet PC) complies with the newest standards and is equipped with our professional acquisition and diagnosis software, dicomPACS®DX-R.

For more information please visit:  www.or-technology.com/leonardo-nano-video

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