Kimetec GmbH

Gerlinger Strasse 36-38
71254 Ditzingen, Germany

Tel.:       +49 (0) 7156 / 17602-200
Fax:       +49 (0) 7156 / 17602-500

Kimetec GmbH is a German manufacturer of medical devices and diagnostic instruments like tourniquets, penlights, and more. As a family-owned company, it is our strength to react to current tasks and trends in a fast and precise way and to find tailor-made solutions for each customer. Kimetec GmbH owns numerous patents to maintain a high standard.

The Swabian company was established in Ditzingen in 1989. Over the years, engineering knowledge has been advanced consistently to introduce various types of products in the market.

We are certified according to EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012.

CBC VECOS® is our newly developed vein compression system product – a single-use tourniquet:


  • Single use reduces MRSA and germ transmission and prevents cross-contamination between patients.
  • Fosters hygiene standards for the medical staff.
  • No complex cleaning or disinfection of the tourniquet is required.


  • The user-friendly design is easy to apply.
  • Easy to use with gloves on (fleece material)
  • The micro-velcro allows for easy opening and closing.
  • Particularly low weight: 3 g/pc
  • Cost-effective: also usable as compress after venipuncture


  • The elastic strap defines the correct minimum compression force reliably, ensuring optimal occlusion: ca. 20 mmHg
  • Perfect for humid or very dry environments

CBC VECOS is available as a standard version: 3 cm wide, 50 cm long and a second XL version: 3.5 cm wide, 65 cm long.